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Course content

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1.    Selenium Introduction

·         Discussion about automation and different automation tools

·         Selenium Introduction

·         Selenium Components

·         Introduction of selenium Components

·         Platform and Language support

·         Limitations of the selenium

2.     OOPs concepts, C#.NET, HTML, CSS, XPATH

·         OOPs concepts

·         C#.NET fundamentals

·         Data types, operators,  Arrays, If-else, Loops

·         Class, Object, access specifies, Properties, constructors, static, methods, parameters, partial classes, method overloading and overriding

·         Extensions, Lamda expressions, predicates

·         HTML Tags and attributes

·         CSS and CSS Selectors

·         XPath – Nodes, Syntax, Axes, Operators, Examples

3.    Selenium IDE and RC Introduction

·         Installing Selenium IDE

·         Introduction to Selenium RC

4.    Selenium WebDriver

·         Selenium WebDriver Introduction

·         WebDriver Vs RC

·         Download and Configure WebDriver bindings with Visual Studio

·         How to use WebDriver

·         Different drivers in WebDriver

·         Finding Elements and performing user actions

·         Writing WebDriver scripts

·         Running WebDriver Tests on Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome

·         Manage web driver (switching windows, timeouts, cookies etc.)

·         Loading browser profile

·         Debugging WebDriver Tests

·         Remote WebDriver

·         Taking screenshots

·         Remote webdriver

5.    Identifying UI Elements (Locators)

·         Identifying WebElement using different locators and demonstrate usage of each

    •  By ID, By Name, By Link, By PartialLink, By XPath, By CSS Selector, By Tag, By Class)

·         Handling various WebElement using WebDriver – Textbox, checkbox, radio button, web tables,

·         Using SelectElement

·         Finding multiple elements

·         Challenges in finding elements and solutions

·         Retrieving data from different controls for verifications

·         Working with complex controls like grids, third party controls etc.

6.    Actions

a.     Performing different kinds of mouse operations

b.    Performing different kinds of keyboard operations

c.     Advanced user interactions

7.    Synchronization

a.     Implicit wait

b.    Explicit wait

c.     Explicit wait with extension to make life easier

d.    Fluent wait

8.    Hybrid Framework development and integration with existing open source frameworks

·         Download and Configure NUnit with Visual Studio

·         Nuit features – Attributes and Assertions     

·         Page Object Model / Objects reusability

·         Data driven automation

·         WebDriver extensions

·         WebElement extensions

·         External extensions to features like window pop-ups

·         Reporting results in HTML/Excel/DB formats with Screenshots for failed Test case

·         Test Environment configurations library

·         Image comparison

·         Exercise on framework implementation 

9.    Selenium Grid for distribute execution

·          Selenium Grid Overview

·         Setting up Selenium Grid

·         Grid as Collection of Selenium WebDriver nodes

·         Running Parallel & Distributed tests using Selenium Grid

·         Exercise on Selenium Grid

11.  Source code control using TFS

a.     Automation team collaboration

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