Linux Administration ONLINE TRAINING

Linux Administration ONLINE TRAINING


Course Duration:  36 Hours

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Redhat Linux Paper-I


·         Overview of UNIX

·         History of Linux

·         Linux architecture

o   Kernel

o   Shell

·         Understanding Linux commands

o   Displaying  System date and time : date

o   Displaying  present and working  users : who and who am

o   Calculator  : bc

o   Machine characteristics : uname

o   Knowing a terminal : tty

o   Displaying a calendar : cal

o   Displaying a Message :echo and print

·         File System

o   Linux file Hierarchy concepts

o   Listing files and Directories   : ls

o   More and less commands

o   The seven fundamental file types

o   Creating and viewing the files : cat

o   Cresti ng, Modifying, changing and Removing directories : mkdir,cd,rmdir

o   Moving and Renaming files: mv

o   Copying a files : cp command with attributes

o   Deleting a File : rm command with attributes

o   Links—Hard Link and Soft Link

o   Absolute path name

o   Relative path name

·         Comparisons

o   Cmp

o   Comm

o   Diff

·         Compressions

o   Zip

o   Compress

o   Gzip

o   Bzip2

·         File Attributes

o   Chmod

o   Chown

·         Filter Commands

o   Which,Whereis,locate whatis

o   Find command with attributes

·         String Processing

o   Head,Tail

o   Wc,sort,uniq

o   Cut,paste

·         String Processing with Regular Expressions

o   Sed

o   Grep

·         Process

o   Introduction Process concepts

o   Process basics

o   Process Commands

·         Job Control

o   At,batch,cron

·         Vi Editor

o   Overview of vi Editor

o   Three modes of Vi editor

o   Saving and Quitting

o   Navigation

o   Editing a Text

o   Undoing changes

o   Yank and paste

o   Changing and Deleting

o   Searching for the patterns

o   Search and Replace

o   Handling multiple files in ex-mode

Redhat Linux Paper-II

System Administration

·         Redhat Installation  (Text and Graphical Mode )

o   Stand alone Installation

o   NFS Installation

o   Kickstart Installation

·         User and Group Management  

o   Creation of Users and Groups

o   Understanding/etc/passwd,/etc/group,and /etc/shadow

o   Switching accounts : su

o   Sudo

o   Password aging policies

o   Creation of quotas for user’s group and files systems

·         File system Management

o   Disk partitioning

o   Managing Partitions

o   Understanding file system

o   Converting file system ext/2 to ext/3

o   Reverting file system ext/2 to ext/3

o   Understanding Virtual file system

§  /proc

o   Managing a data with mount command

§  Mounting File system

§  Mounting CD/DVD’s USB and Floppies

o   Understanding and configuring /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab configuration files

·         System Initialization

o   Boot sequence overview

o   Bios initialization

o   Boot loader

§  Grub boot loader and grub .conf configuration file

§  Trouble shooting of grub boot loader

o   Kernel Initialization

o   Init Initilization

o   Run Levels(0-6)

o   Virtual consoles

o   Controlling services

o   System Shutdown and reboot

·         Kernel Services

o   Kernel overview

o   Kernel Hardware support

o   Configuring kernel parameters

·         Network configuration

o   Configuration Network utilities

§  Netconfig,setup,neat and with configuration file

§  Ifdown/ifup,ifconfig,ping

§  Binding multiple address

§  Configuring range of ip-address

§  Ssh,telnet

§  Rcp/scp

§  Write/wall

·         Xinted Services

o   Overview of xinted services and non-xinted services

o   Configuring xinted and non-xinted services

·         RPM

o   Overview of RPM

o   Installing, Removing a software with RPM

o   RPM Queries

o   RPM Verifications

·         Printing and Administrating  Tools

o   Configuring a stand alone printer

·         Configuring a Network Printer

o   Lpd

o   Cups

·         LVM’s (Logical Volume Manager)

o   Overview of LVMs

o   Creation of Physical Volumes

o   Creation of Volume Groups

o   Creation of logical partition

o   Extending the vol Group

o   Extending the Logical Partition

o   Removing vol group and Logical Partition             

·         RAID

o   Overview of RAID

o   Types of RAIDS

o   Configuring RAID 0,1 and 5

·         Backups

o   Understanding of Different Backups

o   Taking backups with dump/restore,cpio,tar/star



Redhat Linux – III

 Network and Security Services

·         NFS Services

o   NFS Overview  

o   NFS Advantages and Disadvantages

o   Configuring NFS Server

o   Configuring NFS Client

o   Configuring NFS Client with /etc/fstab file

o   Configuring NFS Client with Auto mount services

·         FTP Services

o   FTP Overview

o   Configuring ftp Server and ftp clients

o   Configuring ftp server for anonymous users and real users

o   Securing ftp server

·         SAMBA Services

o   Overview of SAMBA

o   Installing and Configuring SAMBA Server

o   Configuring SAMBA server with heterogeneous platforms

o   Configuring SAMBA shares between UNIX- windows vice versa

o   Configuring SAMBA share with different levels of Security

·         DNS

o   Understanding DNS Services

o   Configuring types of DNS

§  Primary DNS

§  Secondary DNS

§  Forwarder and Cache DNS

·         Configuring Web server with APACHE services  

o   Apache Overview

o   Apache Configuration

o   Virtual hosts

o   Configuring IP-Based DNS,Name based DNS and PORT based DNS

o   Configuring member logins for Webserver

·         NIS (Network Information System)

o   Overview of NIS

o   Configuring NIS Master and Slave Server

o   Configuring NIS Client

o   Configuring NIS with NFS Server

·         DHCP

o   Overview of DHCP Services

o   Configuring DHCP Server

o   Configuring DHCP Client in heterogeneous platform



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